Having grafted in the health and fitness industry for 15 years, Paul has an exceptional knowledge of body re-composition, including fat loss and muscular gain, along with enhanced experience of how to diet and eat properly to achieve your goals. He started his journey 15 years ago in the UK, when he first joined a big box gym and had to learn from the beginning, EVERYTHING! It takes a long time to work out which exercises and training style are best for you (3-5 day split), without having a personal trainer. He knew he had to eat more, but not how to go about it. What do you eat more of exactly and how much more? What do you reduce? He also knew he had to eat healthy high protein foods to help build muscle, alongside his own strength training, but knew nothing about ‘quality’ of foods i.e. organics, gluten free. These questions encouraged Paul to study and achieve an Advanced Diploma in Personal Training from the UK.

This holistic journey enabled him to greatly improve the quality of his foods and to feel much healthier alongside his training. Now, when he goes to the supermarket, he knows which brands to look for and which certifications i.e. organics to live a healthier life on-going. These are things that are often ignored and over-looked by traditional PTs. You just go to the store to buy ‘chicken breast and broccoli’, but what quality of chicken are you buying? Is it full of hormones? Is your broccoli full of pesticides? If so, you might not be very healthy on the inside, even if you look good on the outside. Gluten free and non GMO options are also better choices to look out for; many standard foods are hiding secrets these days, secrets you won’t like. Even the cleanliness of the water you are drinking should be questioned; do you get a bad stomach and brain fog sometimes? Perhaps you need a filtration system for your tap water?

Here at PDH Holistic Fitness, we help to advise and look after your nutritional choices. You will receive enhanced knowledge and options for genuinely healthy eating alongside your training. We are working with a local wellness centre, K Wellness, who can advise further options for health choices to improve your life.

Get in touch to enhance your fitness journey, Paul Hadgraft.


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