PDH Holistic Services

We offer Holistic Fitness Personal Training & Health Support, with a focus on the 'Holistic' aspect.

Instead of just basic PT, you will receive enhanced training knowledge from a team who have the experience of dealing with injuries and making diet changes to work towards a far healthier and happier life. With the help of our partner K Wellness, we can also recommend helpful, natural supplements to aid your training and wellness as a whole. Examples of these include products for gut health, mood and inflammation.

It's not just about knowing what exercises to do and how to eat, but how to perform quality reps/sets and pick nutritious i.e. Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Certified Organic, foods. You will soon be able to appreciate the increase in quality of your meals and notice when you go back to inferior products. Paul has this personal experience and wants you to enjoy the benefits of having this nutritional knowledge, as well as how to train properly for your goals.

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